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For all your swan princess needs <3

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37 icons of Odette in The Swan Princess (1994)


as requested by anon

This set includes 4 icons of Odette as a child, 5 icons of her as a swan, and 1 icon of her transformation.

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Far Longer than Forever (Finnish version) - The Swan Princess (Nest Family Entertainment & Rich Animation Studios, 1994)

daintyhippie Asked: What century is swan princess set in?

Doing some light research I found two versions of the swan princess fairy tale. The Russian one (the swan lake ballet was based on different Russian fairy tales depending on which ballet you look at) and another the German fairy tale.

The movie seemed to be based in Germany and the timeline i would say is sometime in the 1500s

Hope this helped!

thechefette Asked: Do you have the sheet music for far longer than forever?!!? I want to turn it into bass clef for my cello!!!

I was looking for it but I could only find the first sheet

Most of the websites I saw made you pay for the rest or all of it

Sorry :C (also for the late reply, I thought I answered this) 

I would love to hear your cover of it if you find it though!

good luck

Derek’s song from the third movie.